Pino, almost human.
Я заглянул к себе ночью в окно. И увидел что меня там нет. И понял что меня может не быть. (с) Владимир Бурич

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The theories are all the same, and not one puts you at blame.
It's been seven weeks since your person went missing,
and all of this labor is hardly uplifting.
We're fine with the effort as long as we don't have to change.
The pieces don't have to fit, as long as you're fine with it.
I hope you're content with your mental vacation.
The more that I learn, you're a true inspiration.
Let's recall the details that led both of us here to this,
It's no small request to think you can begin again.
Your brain made a choice, discuss it with your skeleton.
Break right out, leave it all behind today.
Make a quick turn, then it's straight up the middle,
and we were a drunk at your candlelight vigil.
Cause we can because we should because I say.
The absent will still exists in meetings and politics.
I think this concern is becoming dangerous,
cause you're satisfied with the way that you made us.
I bet you'd agree that we've broken more than we can fix.
The pictures are not your best.
I'm trying, but I confess.
The truth is I'm searching to find your location,
if only to hear you and your explanation.
Let's close out this chapter and put all the voices to rest.
One shot to see your reaction,
It'd be a shame to miss all the action.
Make it work, one way or another,
cause you're a bird of a different color.